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Where would we be without our sun? Life on Earth would cease to exist, that’s the scary truth. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation, is an ancient sequence used to express gratitude to the source of all forms of life on earth, our glorious sun. During this class we clear our thoughts and let breath move through us in the form of 12 energy filled postures. Sun A’s and B's increase one's creativity, mental stability, intuitive abilities, and can even help to regulate bodily functions:) Sun A’s and B's have also been shown to improve circulation, which aids in maintaining health and eradicating diseases. Overall improvements in the heart, liver, intestine, stomach, chest, throat, and legs are benefits of Surya Namaskar. We can't wait to celebrate the sun with you during our new favorite mini session!


This all level class is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of yoga, with a sequence that starts the integration of breath to movement in a heated room set between 80-90. In this class we start to move towards our Vinyasa-flow, being mindful of all walks of yoga with alignment being our main guide. Whether that be intermediate or the pro yogi this class will cover the basics of a flow class. This flow includes Sun A, Sun B, strong standing postures, the break down of beginning arm balances, and backbends polished off with a well deserved surrender series all in 60mins. If you are new to Yoga or are needing a good reminder of alignment this is a great class to attend.


A dual energy class; blending the strong energies of Yang with the calming Yin. We will be moving through a 20-30min simple flow that will balance both sides of the body, mentally and physically. The last portion of class is a combination of deep stretching postures and restful shapes to unravel the mind and body. These shapes of relaxation are paired with intentional breath that focuses on letting go. Your anatomical body and mind will feel balanced, content, open, and ready for whatever your day/night needs. 


Is a 60min progressive flow, which uses breath as the primary link between alternating poses and body mind connection to warm the body and internally detoxify. This class has a specific focus on the mind to unwind. We will have a light, energizing approach to unraveling and opening the body. In this class we will work on our flexibility and a symmetrical series of poses that will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling. The movements are smoothly flowing and almost dance-like, which explains why it is referred to as Flow. Let your instructor know if you want to work on anything specific. Designed for all levels of yoga. Our teachers are skilled to aid you in any yoga position. 


A Power/Vinyasa progressive flow; inspired by Ashtanga yoga, a more vigorous style of yoga. This class uses breath as the primary link between alternating poses and body mind connection. We call this breath Ujjayi. Like the personality of the ocean we will go through waves of energizing vinyasa flow, intense strong holding asana and deep opening postures. Just add a pinch of some fun arm balances or some playful asana’s and you’ve got nature’s ingredients that make our power class. Check scheduled times as some are 60 and others 75mins. Heat is set from 90-102 depending on the days temperature and the amount of students in the room. Designed for intermediate to advanced yogis. However, all walks of life are welcome, just remember to pace yourself and take breaks when you need them. Our teachers are skilled to aid you in any pose, so please do not be nervous to show up if you're newer to yoga. We do recommend that you take a Roots or NH Flow class before attending Power.


If you have ever had any interest in developing an inverted or arm balance practice this is a place to start. This series consist of a short flow that will intelligently prep your body to break down advanced arm balance variations for 4 consecutive weeks. Each Friday we will get a little bit deeper into different arm balance shapes, so don't miss a single class. No need to fret about any previous inverted experience, we got you.


The adventure of Yin and Restore are finding your own personal freedom through detoxifying breath while unwinding the mind. You have the space to let go, unravel, spill out on the floor and heal. As the body opens and releases stress, blocked pranic energy ignites and begins to heal the body therapeutically through deep relaxation and increased circulation in a heated room of 80-90. All students of any level are heavily encouraged to participate in Restore. We all need a break from Mind chatter, this is the perfect class for just that.


Slow, quiet, gentle yoga. Take your time digesting these deep stretches and passive postures while gradually building strength. We'll be highlighting the awareness of the breath and body connection while learning to let go of the outside world. This class is geared towards limited movement, stiff bodies and relief from chronic conditions. This class is also incredibly safe for mamma's to be. Lets focus on soft, nurturing, slow-paced, well supported and relaxing yoga. 


Inside each of us is an innate wisdom that intuitively understands the natural process of this growing journey you and your baby are on. However, linking yoga postures with the breath will lead you to new and different discoveries as well as introducing you to a community of Mama's. Bringing awareness to your body as it changes pre and post baby will help quicken labor, but also help with the recovery after your little bundle of awesomeness arrives. Yes, you will get a bit of a sweat, a shake and also deep release for your baby makin' machine. Also you are more than welcome to come and join class if you are not in the process of making a baby, we welcome everyone, you'll get a little sweat on and enjoy the company of some pretty awesome humans.   


Kundalini Yoga is considered the "yoga of awareness." Kundalini is one of the more spiritual paths of yoga. This yoga practice focuses on moving energy up the spine to create an "Ah Ha" moment in our practice. We will be using chanting, mantra, and meditation to strengthen the nervous system and the immune system. This practice is mentally, physically fulfilling and enlightening. 


This is a focused set combo of 21-26 postures, this class instills a sense of self-discipline, staying power, focused concentration and strength in a set heat of 95-102. This 60min class has a little bit of everything and is a friend to all levels. We will move slowly with no vinyasa flow between postures (no Chaturangas... if you think that a Chaturanga is a small dog, this class is perfect for you ;). This class has a perfect blend of playfulness and focus. We will layer each posture for various levels, this class will truly challenge and be accessible to any Yogi. Although this class is essentially the same sequence each time, every teacher brings their own unique flavor and diversity. So the class feels brand new each time as your body is able to move deeper into familiar postures. 


First of all this class is for EVERYONE, you do not have to be an athlete to take this class. If you have stress, breath air and are currently a human this class is for you. We designed it for you. This class is an invigorating Vinyasa flow combined with healing and rejuvenating Trigger Point Therapy. With our stressful fast paced busy lives, these nasty knots get pretty gnarly and can cause pain as well as prolonged injury. So lets do something about it! We will spend 30mins warming up the body with a yoga flow that pairs perfectly with what you'll be focusing on with the therapy balls. Relieving stress and improved range of motion are just a couple of the may benefits that we gain from rolling out these tighten muscle fibers (knots). This class is for all levels and heat varies from 85-95


A non heated class with a brief 15 min warm up to open the body. The remainder of class we'll be using TPT balls to rock and roll through areas of myofascial tension until we achieve ultimate release. You'll thank us later. Don't think about it to much, just get in here and try it out. 


Sweat n Stretch places a strong emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, strength of center and improving coordination. For the first 20-30 minutes of class, you will fire up your core in a range of exercises that can be modified from beginning to advanced with the aid of resistant bands. The final 30-40 minutes of class, you will flow through deep stretching and restorative postures. Regardless of your practice level, you'll find a sweet sweat and a deep stretch. This is a wonderful way to get your day started so that you feel invigorated and balanced. 


SoHot Core places a strong emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, developing a strong center, improving coordination and balance through Yoga in a 95-100 degree room and a pinch of Pilates. In our Core class exercises can be modified in range of difficulty from beginning to advanced for 60 incredible minutes. Regardless of your practice level you’ll find a sweet sweat with our Pilates inspired Core class.


Beware this all level class is abnormally fun and an amazing full body work out. Its a non impact cardio, "fun-sesh", inspired by dance moves from around the world, kundalini movement to release built up stress and a proper good time. No dance experience necessary! Your arms, legs, abdominals and booty will love you for trying this barre influenced class. We have combined barre’s world of intense isometric movements and cardiovascular exercises with deep openings and lengthening from a traditional yoga practice. There is always focus on intention. If thats stress or emotional release, tapping into joy or personal goals... anything and everything is welcome. Move through this incredibly challenging flow in a 90-100 degree room. Check your ego at the door and get ready to have some fun. No previous experience needed, this class is all levels.


Is a 60min yoga party done in a 95-102 heated room.  With elements of yoga and free weights for increased muscle sculpting. We truly find this class to be all types of crazy fun for your whole body. Join us and move through a power flow class integrating weights to build lean muscle mass as well as intervals of cardio burst and deep core work. This class will work your body with various challenges and rock your yogi toes off with some jamming jams! If you're into testing your limits and you enjoy a light hearted fitness based class with proper alignment, we'll see you in SoHo's Sweat n Sculpt! 

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